Physical contact with the child and can include:

  • vaginal or anal penetration of the victim
  • use of force and pain as in when rape occurs
  • contact by coercion or manipulation such as fondling and fingering of a child’s genitals
  • making a child inappropriately touch another person’s genitals
  • fondling a child’s genitals and inappropriate touch over the child’s clothing.
  • use of objects in the child’s genitals

Non-physical contact such as:

  • verbal harassment with sexual connotations
  • showing pornography to a child
  • child pornography
  • deliberately exposing an adult’s genitals to a child
  • making a child watch or hear sexual acts
  • Secretly watching a child’s nakedness for example, while the child dresses or undresses
  • Taking pictures of a child in nude or other sexually suggestive or compromising postures.