SOAR Initiated Programs

Breaking the Silence Campaign

This program started in 2011 and involves sensitization and advocacy activities to break the silence of child sexual abuse. We educate children and adults to understand the prevalence and effects of child sexual abuse and need to break the silence and secure justice for victims as a means to ending sexual violence against children.

Girls Empowerment Program (GEMS)


Our school based program involving sensitization rallies to break the silence of sexual violence and encourage disclosures, peer educator training and establishment of Girls Clubs as safe spaces where the girl child is empowered as a solution to the problem of sexual abuse rather than remain as victims or mere bystanders. Over 3000 girls have been reached in collaboration with the FCT Education Secretariat since the program piloted in 2013.


Our annual event in commemoration of the International Day of the Girl Child brings girls together for a day of fun, wholesome competitions, motivational talks and information sharing on gender based violence, leadership and much more.

Tackling Child Sexual Abuse Forums

This public event, stimulates public discuss on issues surrounding the sexual abuse and exploitation of children. The aim of this program is to push for definitive action by all stakeholders and also build capacity of child care givers/stakeholders to prevent and adequately respond to this.

Grassroots Intervention Program against Child Sexual Abuse (GRIP-CSA)

This targets grassroots communities and peer groups to break the silence of child sexual abuse in these communities and mobilize them to take action against it.

Bring Back The Innocence Program

These training workshops are organized on demand to teach prevention strategies and reveal the abuser’s approach.

Victim to Survivor Support Program

We do this through the following services:

  • Counseling and support
  • Access to rehabilitation shelters when the victim needs to be removed from the abusive environment
  • Access to pro-bono legal-aid, especially for those from indigent backgrounds