The sexual abuse of children in Nigeria remains alarmingly high, with over 9million children in Nigeria who are under the age of 18 years being exposed to sexual violence every year. This is according to the Violence against Children (VAC) Survey, 2014 which also states that 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 10 boys are affected before they are 18 years old.

Children have continued to remain vulnerable with sexual abuse happening in places where they should be safest including homes, schools and to and from school. Indeed abuse does take place everywhere and by the most unexpected people with every child being vulnerable to this abuse.

However, while girls are often targeted in most prevention and support efforts, some children including boys and children with disabilities are often excluded from such efforts or disbelieved when they make disclosures about such forms of abuse. Also evidenced by research is that boys and men remain the highest number of perpetrators of sexual abuse while reports of sexual abuse against children with disabilities, children without parental care, in conflict and contact with the law are minimal.

This trend is worrisome as it allows for these categories of children to fall between the cracks with no opportunity or provision for intervention guaranteeing that they remain victims of their experiences even years after the abuse must have stopped. The fear really also lies in the possibility of these children growing up to perpetuate the cycle of violence on others.


In view of the problem identified and stated above, a one-day FREE Conference is being organised to further build awareness about the issues, understand the needs of different categories of children in this regard and proffer suggestions for ensuring that no child is left behind in prevention and response interventions against sexual abuse.

For more information, sponsorship and support kindly call us on 08179080655. Direct cash donations towards this event can be paid to our GTB savings account- SOAR INITIATIVE DONATIONS- 0199685573

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