In line with the Youth advocates project against child sexual abuse funded by the embassy of France in Nigeria to effectively build capacity of NYSC officials and increase their knowledge and skill to deliver when issues of child sexual abuse is reported to them, SOAR initiative on the 9th of November, 2017 organized a one day sensitization training which consists of Zonal inspectors, Local government inspectors, Chief executive officers. The training was part of the proposed project activities that will result in an increase in knowledge and development of skills to know how to respond to cases of child sexual abuse. Relevant training topics led by facilitators, group discussions, and videos were utilized in building the skills of the participants for effective response. A pre and post-test was administered to participants, were the analysis carried out comparing both tests showed increase in knowledge which is better represented under the session pre and post-test.

The training was an overall success as the participants reported that it was empowering, fulfilling and impactful. They also reported that a lot of facts and information about child sexual abuse, case management have been revealed to them.

The purpose of the training is to break the culture of silence surrounding child sexual abuse in north central Nigeria and to equip NYSC Officials with the necessary information needed as they properly address and provide support to cases of sexual abuse of children which will on the long run, enhance the achievement of safe environments where children feel secure and safe from sexual violence.

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